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Amazing Dog Trio




When I paint clowns, I think of them as angelic visitors. Dressed in ornate and colorful clothes, containing every color in the rainbow, they heal us with laughter, as we are delighted by their foolish acts. Through their performances, we are led to transformation, to treat all with respect, and to serve in our community.

This clown is dressed in a beautiful quilted blouse, striped pantaloons, an ornate collar, and a pointed hat with a blue pompom, ready for his performance. His pets are also dressed in matching hats and collars for the stage. He gently pets his dogs as the group anticipates going out into the ring. 

  Reflections  |   Handdrawn Details  |   Printing the Giclee 



 Image Documentation 

Completed: October, 2015

Dimensions: 12” x 17.5”

Edition Size: 100 Prints 

Paper: Somerset Enhanced 330 GSM - Archival

  (100% Cotton-Rag)

Media: Giclee
Fine Art Print 

Price: $250 


Amazing Dog Trio

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