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FAMILY PICNIC - Thoughts and Quotes
See below for a collection of thoughts, quotes, and ideas on, or relating to, FAMILY PICNIC.


Dorothy Day,
Social Activist, Pacifist
and Founder of the
 Catholic Worker movement


“We cannot love God unless we love each other and to love each other we must know each other
in the breaking of bread and we are not alone anymore. Heaven is a banquet and life is a banquet,too,
even with a crust, where there is companionship. Love comes with community.”


Folk Song,
circa 1960


“And there the great revolution could take place; the whole human race could finally sit down
in one big circle and eat together and having once shared a meal,
could no longer be enemies.”


Attributed to
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Author and Poet


“We have learned to see in bread an instrument of community… the flavor of bread shared has no equal.”


Jean Vanier,
founder of L’Arche


“Food is the heart of community. Food that nourishes our minds and our hearts.
Food means being together, celebrating together.
Meals are the center of everything in our community because everything is about creating home.”


Daniel Berrigan, SJ,
Peace Activist and Author


 “When I hear bread breaking I see something else; it seems almost as though
God never meant us to do anything else so beautiful.
A sound the crust breaks up like manna and falls all over everything,
and then we eat; bread gets inside humans.”


John August Swanson,


 It is the table at which gather those who hunger, those who are bound, those who are naked,
and where strangers are welcomed. It is the table where we come to know and love each other
in the breaking of bread, and are not alone any more.

I hope my art speaks of the hospitality I have experienced from people of all ethnicities, nationalities
and religious backgrounds. The kindness, sharing and community I have felt stays with me and inspires my art.
I feel gratitude recalling the care and warmth of a meal, good company, and generosity and kindness given me,
often from those who have so little. These experiences of sharing with our immediate family and the guests we
welcome to our table help us to feel solidarity with the whole human family around the world. ”



Rev. David Farley,
UMC, Los Angeles,
Song Lyrics


 “For those who work on the land, for those who plant the seed,
For those who work with their hands to bring us the food we need
Thanks be to God and blessings on all who labor
Thanks be to God and justice for all our neighbors.
This is my prayer…”


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