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Paintings and Unique Works
Hand-painted and unique or rare artworks, now available from the studio.
For additional photographs, or to inquire about pricing, please contact the studio.





The clown is dressed in a beautiful quilted blouse, striped pantaloons, and ornate collar, and a pointed hat with a blue pompom. The fool's pets are also dressed for the performance. They are gently petted as they anticipate going into the ring. When I paint clowns, I think of them as angelic visitors. They are dressed in orante and colorful clothes (liek the rainbow), they are present to dleight us, heal us with laughter; we are led to transformation.

This is reminiscent of the painting FRANCIS AND THE WOLF (1985) in which Francis befriends the wolf and treats him with kindness. The wolf becomes his friend. We can't be creative unless we invite the wolf and recognize this symb ol of our shadow. Until we accept it, it is destructive. The clown leads us to play and be foolish with what we feat, to convert the fearful, destructive--to transform it.


Water color painting



The bycyclist balances a female performer on his right side--with a young acrobat standing on his shoulders--The facing of the bleachers has galloping horses painted--the faces o fthe large audience are in the background, darkened with glazes of Paynes Grey. The roof of the circus is very dark but there are three spotlights on the performers..


Acrylic and mixed media on paper



The fanciful clown stands behind the beautiful scarlet curtain, on the other side is the circus' dazzling lights and performers. The crimson clown stands with poise and holds the wisdom of the ancient culture of clowns, jesters and fools. He knows that he is a paradox and a contradiction to the fears and the destructive insecurities that we carry within.

I thought of this clown as someone who knows playfulness and also understands his calling, his vocation, to jump into the ring if any problems arise. He is there for us when things get shaky.





With its drama, marvelous music, and complex characters, Mozart's opera, Don Giovanni, amazes us and moves our imagination. The skill of the singers and the otherworldly ambiance of the stage holds our attention as we are drawn into the performance. Long before I became an artist, music was inspirational to me. While I grew up, I learned to play the violin, and many of my earliest memories are of listening to radio broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera. I loved the thought of communities of performers working together to share their skill to transport us from our daily lives into a fantastic world of excitement.

The story of Don Juan has been told by different writers and composers, and now film-makers, each bringing their own ideas to the tale. I see the beauty of Mozart to create the quintessential Don Juan legend. It is a musical wonder, with grand and abhorrent characters. My picture is a collage of scenes, including the Commendatore's statue, whose spirit will seal Don Giovanni's fate.


Mixed media acrylic over giclee print on paper



The first violinist directs the group while playing the most challenging part. The Violist counts his rests. The intimacy and magic of the concert hall are apparent as the audience, with close attention, watches the performers; they are delighted and inmspired.
I was very moved by Dvorak's rhapsodic String Quartet in F Major (opus 96) called The American. He wrote the piece while he lived in the United States from 1892 through 1895. He was influenced by American folk music and incorporated themes from a variety of songs.


Hand-colored images surround the original etching


After a visit to New York City, I made a series of paintings and drawings on large cities. I wanted to show the complexity of a city, with windows framing people in different buildings, and showing lots of activity.

HOLIDAY IN THE PARK comes from the earliest stages of my artwork. The original painting was first completed in 1972, and I used layers of crayon and oil pastels, which I scratched through to create texture and detail.




The Gardeners

On a beautiful cool morning, as the sun rises, the sky lightens and rays of sunlight cause the ripened fruit to glow, the farmers begin to work. The fruit is a gift of their labor. Some tend to the plants and others the soil.

They gather the blessings of an abundant harvest. They work together to support their families. With gratitude, they share their harvest with their community.


Mixed Media, acrylic over giclee print



The masked Commedia dell'arte players travel from town to town bringing fun and excitement. Each comedian and actor has their own life with their own personal conflicts and dramas, but, onstage, they become the characters of the performance. For the townspeople, it is their chance to turn from their everyday lives, and to be transported into an engaging world of action, comedy, and drama.


Mixed Media, acrylic over giclee print



Wonderful musicians inspire us, and bring joy to all who experience their performance. I wanted to show the great concentration of the performers as they share music with their audience.

I tried to capture three violinists (my favorites: David and Igor Oistrakh and Yehudi Menuhin) performing Vivaldi's Concerto for Three Violins (RV 551) with an orchestra in the background. This is one of a few watercolors I have painted. I painted it for my friend, Albert Desrosier, who played the violin and loved music.


Watercolor painting



The clowns are ready to jump in the circus ring. They wiat in anticipation to bring their antics, surprises, delight, and laughter. They are peeking and plotting what they will do. One group leaves so another can come in. They feel the excitement of jumping into the ring. They are preparing for something special. I am seeing and feeling the preparations, getting ready to be creative. The excitement of WE'RE ON NEXT, of jumping into the ring. I wonder how excited I am about jumping into our life (our ring). How do I bring delight and surprises into my life?

Circus is a ring.
The circle is holy.
All that goes in the ring is special.
The ring becomes a ritual space.


Acrylic painting with metallic foil



Unlike my other artworks on the WASHING OF THE FEET theme, this work was completed in a more gestural style with a subdued color palette. I feel this paschal season ritual transcends religious observances, and gives us a beautiful guide for our lives. We are called to treat each other with respect, and to serve in our community to our utmost. The image encourages us to show a true humility of spirit, and love for all.


Mixed Media painting