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Loaves and Fishes

"When I hear bread breaking I see something else; it seems almost as though God never meant us to do anything else.  So beautiful a sound, the crust breaks up like manna and falls all over everything, and then we eat; bread gets inside humans.
-Daniel Berrigan"
                                                                                -from the serigraph
                                                                                       bread breaking (1965) - Corita

“ ‘Man, my friends,’ said General Loewenhielm, ‘ is frail and foolish.  We have all of us been told that grace is to be found in the universe.  But in our human foolishness and shortsightedness we imagine divine grace to be finite.  For this reason we tremble…’ Never till now had the General stated that he trembled; he was genuinely surprised and even shocked at hearing his own voice proclaim the fact. ‘ We tremble before making our choice in life, and after having made it again tremble in fear of having chosen wrong.  But the moment comes when our eyes are opened, and we see and realize that grace is infinite.  Grace, my friends, demands nothing from us but that we shall await it with confidence and acknowledge it in gratitude.  Grace, brothers, makes no conditions and singles out none of us in particular; grace takes us all to its bosom and proclaims general amnesty.  See! That which we have chosen is given us, and that which we have refused is, also and at the same time, granted us.  Aye, that which we have rejected is poured upon us abundantly.  For mercy and truth have met together, and righteousness and bliss have kissed one another!’ “  


                                                                                --Babette’s Feast -Isak Dinesen


“ …And about one hundred and sixty three people all talking and waving and laughing and drinking and smiling and frowning and shaking heads and opening mouths and putting forks and spoons in them and chewing and swallowing all kinds of produce and sitting back and relaxing maybe and drinking coffee and lighting cigarettes and getting up and so on and so off…. ”                               

                                          --fromPictures of the Gone World-Laurence Ferlinghetti


“ It is still true today… that charity begins at home.  But home today, is all the world.  Man cannot progress by himself alone.  All men must grow together.  All men must work as one, to build the common future of mankind.

                                                                        --Pope Paul VI


“ And there the great revolution could take place; the whole human race could finally sit down in one big circle and eat together and having once shared a meal, could no longer be enemies."

                                                                       --Anon. Folk Song Lyric


“ Real Wealth is indestructible and without practical limit.  It can be neither created nor lost -- and it leaves one system only to join another.  Real wealth is knowing what to do with energy.  Man’s intellect has the ability to tap the cosmic resources of energy and make them work for him.  Technology providing more and more goods from fewer and fewer resources could guarantee that all men would survive.”                        

                                                                   Buckminster Fuller 


“ It is logical that man should fight to the death when he thinks there is not enough to go around.  It is also logical that man won’t fight when he knows there’s enough to go around.”

                                                                   Buckminster Fuller 



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