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On a beautiful cool morning, as the sun rises, the sky lightens and rays of sunlight cause the ripened fruit to glow, the farmers begin to work. The fruit is a gift of their labor. Some tend to the plants and others the soil.

They gather the blessings of an abundant harvest. They work together to support their families. With gratitude, they share their harvest with their community.

Our God has blessed the earth
with a wonderful harvest!
- Psalm 67:6

PSALM 67 represents to me something of what this description points to, a revelation of something deeper. The abundance of the harvest touches something in me.
-Br. Ignatius Sudol, O.H.

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 Image Documentation 

Completed: October, 2015

Dimensions: 15.25” x 20 ”

Edition Size: 100 Prints 

Paper: Somerset Enhanced 330 GSM Archival
  (100% Cotton-Rag)

Media: Giclee
Fine Art Print 

Price: $400 


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