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The Serigraph Process

Making the Serigraph Festival of Lights
"This image of the Festival of Lights was painted in 1991.  Through the years, many people asked me if it would ever be printed as a serigraph. In October of 1999 in collaboration with Aurora Serigraphics I began making the serigraph. The work has proceeded over these last months and we are now finished. I have developed the image from the painting and made changes. The technique of printing layers of alternating opaque and transparent colors has given the colors more intensity and added more details. The serigraph has slowly developed over these months into a work that is based on the painting but unique in its own way. I drew a stencil for each of the 46 colors printed." 
Each of the following thumbnail images leads to a page which describes steps in the serigraphic process of print making.

Festival of Lights Serigraph Information


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