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PAGLIACCI - Image History

John August Swanson's 2016 artwork, PAGLIACCI, began with a scan from a 4"x5" transparency of his 1987 painting of the same name. From November 20, 2015 until January 30, 2016, this scan underwent digital changes and sketches were made to plan for the new artwork.

Darker and more vibrant colors were chosen for the new painting. The new painting was completed and scanned on April 6, 2016.

The scanned file was digitally further refined, and the file for the giclee edition was completed on July 27, 2016. This file was then printed at Kolibri Art Studio, and approved of and picked up on September 12, 2016.




1987 Acrylic Painting
Initial Color Changes


1987, Acrylic Painting



Color Adaption
Color Change
January 13, 2016, Giclee Proof





Sketchbook Drawing
Completed Painting


Page From Notebook
January 30, 2016, Sketch



April 6, 2016, Mixed-Media Painting




Final Giclee


July 27, 2016, Final Giclee


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