The Morning Suite

Let The Sun Shine In, Engraving: 3½"x5"

 THE MORNING SUITE is the last artwork I completed in England. It was completed in 1979, and contains 10 works done in 4 different printing techniques. Each image depicts ordinary people preparing for their day. The suite was inspired by the seminal 1929 Russian film, “The Man with the Movie Camera,” by Dziga Vertov.


Dressing Up, "Etching: 3¾" x 5½"                                     Alarm Clock, Etching: 4" x 5½"

I wanted to make a quiet reflection on the common occurrences that happen within our everyday lives, of the ritual and effort we go through to begin our day, and to illustrate the potential greatness we show in preparing for our daily lives.

Sunny Side Up, Lithograph: 7" x 5"         Ironing Clothes, Serigraph: 7" x 7"            Morning Shave Serigraph: 7" x 7"       

My concept started as drawings of large street scenes with window views depicting the quiet home side of life in the city. As I refined my work, the simple and intimate beauty of each morning ritual caused me to change my mind. From then on, I envisioned these activities as small individual works that could be viewed both by themselves, and as a collection. This gave me the liberty to make each image more unique by using different printing techniques. It also gave me the opportunity to learn engraving and lithography, as well as to try new etching and screen printing techniques.

Morning News, Serigraph: 6½" x 9½"                                   Morning Post, Etching: 5½" x 6¾"

The Morning Suite is a portfolio of 10 images. A portfolio is a small collection of an artist’s work. We notice the expansion of an idea, and the interplay of variations on a theme through viewing the entire collection. Each image in the suite adds to the overall effect of the collection. We don’t view just one image. We share with the artist the creative experience of comparing and selecting imagery. And by involving ourselves in this unraveling of ideas, we become active participants in the creative process. 











Morning Scenes, 
Engraving: 6½" x 5¼" 


Suite Documentation

Printed at the following locations:

  Print Workshop, London, 1978-79
  Clifton Editions, Bristol, 1979
  Coriander Studios, London, 1979


 Edition Size: 100

 Completed: 1979 

Titles, Printing Techniques, & Dimensions: 
Paper: 10" x 13½
Image Sizes: 
MORNING POST - Etching: 5½" x 6¾" 
DRESSING UP - Etching: 3¾" x 5½"
ALARM CLOCK - Etching: 4" x 5½"
MORNING SHAVE - Etching: 5½" x 4" 
MILKMAN - Engraving: 6¾" x 5½"
LET THE SUN SHINE IN-Engraving: 3½"x5 
MORNING SCENES - Engraving: 6½" x 5¼" 
MORNING NEWS - Serigraph: 6½" x 9½"
IRONING CLOTHES - Serigraph: 7" x 7"
SUNNY SIDE UP - Lithograph: 7" x 5"     

When creating a lithograph, the artist draws on a stone or metal surface using a greasy substance. Later, when water and ink are applied, the greasy parts absorb the ink and repel the water. Nuances and variations in the basic technique help to give each print its own unique style.

 Paper: Saunders

 Colors: Various

 Price: $100.00 ea., or $950 set

The Morning Suite may be seen
in the following public collections:
   City of Leicester Museum and Art Gallery,UK
   City of Leeds Museum Education Gallery, UK  
   City of Sheffield Graves Gallery, UK
   The New York Public Library, USA












                      Milkman, Engraving: 6¾" x 5½"

 Each artwork within The Morning Suite may be purchased individually for $100,

or you may buy the whole set of ten for $950.

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