The Fishermen


Artist Notes:

Peter and his friends have been fishing all night; they are tired and have not caught any fish. Someone on the beach calls out: “Put down your nets one more time. Don’t give up yet.” They put down their nets and they catch so many fish that the nets are almost breaking! The sunlight reflects on the clouds, the sail, and the faces of the fishermen.

Over my life as an artist, I have created variations of this gospel. The story helps me to accept struggles and to appreciate the casting of my own “net” into the waves, and the surprise of experiencing the fruit and abundance that are there. We are reminded, too, of the inexhaustible resources within each of us.

History Of The Image




 Image Documentation 

Completed: April, 2012

Dimensions: 15" x 27.25"

Edition Size: 50 Prints 

Paper: Somerset Enhanced 330 GSM
       (Archival 100% Cotton-Rag Paper)

Media: Giclee Fine Art Print 

Price: $500 

Limited availability; please contact the Studio for pricing and availability



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