THE ASCENT - Sketches and Preliminary Drawings
John August Swanson completed printing the serigraph edition of PSALM 23 at the end of November, 2010. He then began working on sketches on the theme of Jacob’s Ladder for his next serigraph. He completed many drawings and watercolor sketches. His ideas and sketches continued to evolve. The image that developed moved from the traditional Jacob’s Ladder theme into a Ladder of Ascent. This new artwork was initially planned to be a serigraph edition, to be completed at Aurora Serigraphic Studio by Master Printer James F Butterfield. Unfortunately, with the passing of Mr. Butterfield at the end of January, 2011, the serigraph project was abandoned. At that time, after having worked with Mr. Butterfield for over twenty years, John had decided to stop printing serigraph editions.




Preliminary Sketches
Planning For Serigraph
October, 2010


Watercolor Sketch - 10/21/2010


Watercolor Sketch - 10/21/2010




Preliminary Sketches
Final Serigraph Concept
and Painting Concept


Final Serigraph Concept Sketch - 12/20/2010


Watercolor Sketch for THE ASCENT painting- 10/1/2013

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