Artist Notes:

During my four years in England, 1976-1980, I found the popularity of newsstands an enjoyable facet of daily life. They were everywhere. To pass the time on their daily commtes and journies, people had access to news and entertainment from all over Europe. Buying periodicals was a daily ritual, that unified all travelers.

For this work, I had created a number of drawings of readers and vendors. In the orginal 1979 watermedia painting, I collaged stamps onto the painting, and painted on them to create the different covers.

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 Image Documentation 

Completed: May, 2008

Dimensions: 12" x 15.75"

Edition Size: 50 Prints 

Paper: Somerset Enhanced 330 GSM
       (Archival 100% Cotton-Rag Paper)
       Also Available on Archival Canvas

Media: Giclee Fine Art Print 

Price: $400 

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