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 Art Description

In a series of eight panels varying in size, the artist has developed a sequence depicting the process of invention, including conceptual planning, fabrication, public reaction, and performance. The brilliant colors serve to underline suggestions of modern fantasy which permeate the work. The motto about the function of the amateur which appears in the closing panel was quoted by Corita Kent at a time when Swanson was studying with her.


 Artist’s Notes

Reflecting on my artistic beginnings in 1967, I had no goal as to eventually paint or do artwork for life. I just worked on things that most interested me. Of course, storytelling was what I really loved and had the most fun with. Most often, I would spend intense hours of trying to connect to these images that were coming out of my own imagination, and so it was very exciting to me. It seemed like I would throw my whole heart into it. It gave me a sense of purpose and direction, but really I had no goal and I didn’t have any plan— I only worked from one project to the next.

I can see now that there really was a direction I was seeking. That the process of following one's imagination does work. There was much criticism of my life- of seemingly having no plans or direction, and the fear that my life would be wasted, in spite of all this, I continued and somehow intuitively trusted the process.

I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.
--Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch Post-Immpressionist Painter, 1853-1890

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do.
--Henry Ford, American Industrialist, 1863-1947

I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me life.
--Frank Stella, American Painter and Printmaker, 1936-

When someone is seeking … he only sees the thing that he is seeking… but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal.
--Siddhartha, 1922 (translated into English in 1951); by Herman Hesse; Nobel Prize Winning Poet, Novelist, and Painter; 1877-1962

[I was encouraged] to follow a path toward an unknown destination, and to not hold tightly to what I thought I was looking for.
--Spirituality and Health- Encountering the Buddha in Seoul by Susan Christerson Brown; June , 2005

 Image Documentation 

An original, hand-printed serigraph published by the artist with collaboration of master printer German Arias at Santiago Samper Silk Screen in Los Angeles, California.

Completed August, 1975.

Edition Size: 100

Dimensions: Image: 29½" x 11¾"
Paper: 29½" x 19¼"

Paper: Mead Opaque Cover Vellum

Colors: 27 colors printed
Price: $300.00

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