Rainbow City


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  Art Description

The stormy scene is in a large city. The people are walking in the rain with their umbrellas. I tried to capture the moment the sun breaks though the clouds and a rainbow is formed, sending out its colors onto the people and the city. Many people are looking out of their windows at this wonderful happening.

I made the preliminary drawings and sketches in pen and ink with watercolors while in London, 1977 through 1981. After revisions and studies, the final outline was made in 1981, prior to printing RAINY DAY.

Fifteen years later, after I began to print with master printer James Butterfield at Aurora Serigraphics, I revisited the artwork. I had always felt that it would have benefited from stronger colors, and with the experience I had developed, mixing oil paints with glossy varnish to create my own printing inks, I decided to print additional layers of colors over the remaining prints from the RAINY DAY edition. I called this final work, RAINBOW CITY.


A reflection on the artwork by Sheila Pinkel


Image Documentation 

Rainbow City was completed on top of remaining prints from an older edition, Rainy Day. An original, hand-printed serigraph published by the artist with the collaboration of two master printers, German Aria of Worshoppe--G.A. in Baldwin Park, California James F. Butterfield II at Aurora Serigraphic Studio, Van Nuys, California.

Rainy Day was completed in August of 1981.

Rainbow City Completed April 14, 1997.

Rainy Day Edition Size: 150

Rainbow City Edition Size: 44

Dimensions: Image: 271/8" x 343/4"
                 Paper: 30" x 381/2"

Paper: Stonhenge 100% rag paper

Colors: 43 colors printed
Price: $500.00






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