The masked Commedia dell'arte players travel from town to town bringing fun and excitement. Each comedian and actor has their own life with their own personal conflicts and dramas, but, onstage, they become the characters of the performance. For the townspeople, it is their chance to turn from their everyday lives, and to be transported into an engaging world of action, comedy, and drama.

The scene is of the popular opera, Pagliacci (Clowns), by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. Act Two has begun. The interplay of light and shadow creates the scene’s atmosphere, as the warm glow from the stage spreads to envelope the entire audience. The attentive crowd excitedly watches the story unfold.

Pagliacci Reflections            History Of The Image




 Image Documentation 

Completed: September, 2016

Dimensions: 22 ½” x 30 ½”

Edition Size: 100 Prints 

Paper: Moab Entrada Rag Naturel 325 GSM archival 100% cotton art paper 

Media: Giclee Fine Art Print 

Price: $500 

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