Canticle Of The Sun by Saint Francis



A Suite of 8 Limited Edition Archival Giclee Art Prints


Saint Francis’ Canticle of the Sun is a culmination of his life's work, composed during his final two years. Having gone blind, he portrays a world and feelings that Francis could only see in his mind’s eye. A song which creates a mental artwork in praise of our planet, and of all creation. He greets and welcomes all life, all that the natural world is, and he knows the Earth as his family. Its ending was written by Francis on his deathbed, where he accepted even Death as his sister.

I have created a visual representation of what I see when I listen to Saint Francis’ Canticle. I have always felt a connection to Saint Francis. He has appeared in many of my artworks, including; FRANCIS AND THE WOLF (serigraph, 2002), FRANCIS AND THE BIRDS (giclee, 2015), FRANCIS LISTENS TO THE FISH (giclee, 2018), and FRANCIS OF ASSISI (giclee, 2019). He was a brave and noble spirit. A spiritual leader and guide for many groups and communities of men and women.

I first envisioned the artworks in this new portfolio of eight giclee prints as a border for my 2002 serigraph, FRANCIS AND THE WOLF. I have revisited these images often. I combined them with the words of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, and the words from a Muslim woman’s prayer, for my 2015 poster, THE CANTICLE. I also used Sister Water in combination with a quote from Pope Francis’ Laudato Si for a 2016 poster, SISTER WATER. Our Sister Mother Earth appeared in my 2017 poster, MOTHER EARTH. The artworks were further enhanced and reimagined with greater details and brighter colors for this new limited edition portfolio.

Like Saint Francis, we must recognize our own connection to our planet, and care for our ailing Mother Earth.


“The Earth is a sister with whom we share our life, and a beautiful mother
who opens her arms to embrace us. We breathe her air and receive life from her waters.”
--Pope Francis, Laudato Si, 2015


Canticle of the Sun
Br Sun
Sr Moon
Br Wind
Canticle Of The Sun
Brother Sun
Sisters Moon and Stars
Brother Wind
Sr Water
Br Fire
Sr Earth
Br Death
Sister Water
Brother Fire
Our Sister Mother Earth
Sister Death





detail Canticle of the Sun


Each of the eight artworks is numbered with a printed date and artist's signature.

 November, 2020

Image Dimensions of Each of the Eight Artworks:
 6" x 15 ¾"

Paper Dimensions of Each of the Eight Artworks:
 10" x 19 ¾"

Edition Size:
 150 Prints 

Somerset Enhanced 330 GSM

(Archival 100% Cotton-Rag Paper)

 Archival Giclee Fine Art Print 


detail Br Sun


 $200 - each 
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detail Canticle of the Sun



detail Sisters Moon and Stars



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