ECCLESIASTES- History of the Image

This giclée edition of Ecclesiastes was first started on May 10, 2017, when a film transparency was scanned of John August Swanson's 1989 painting for a digital archive. Swanson thought of many changes he wanted to make to the image, but the project was put aside for other works. In February, 2019, he began to make a few ink drawings on Mylar to indicate changes he wanted to make to the figures. The new edition would combine the thin lines of his 1989 painting with the added embellishments from his serigraph edition, as well as have brighter and more vibrant colors, but the complexity of the project meant that it was put aside again.

In August, 2021, John August Swanson was admitted into hospice care due to heart failure, and the Swanson Studio began work to complete the project. The artist passed away on September 23, 2021, and the new giclée edition was completed on March 7, 2022.




Ecclesiastes, 1969


1969, One Color Serigraph


1969, Serigraph
Hand Colored in 1972




Ecclesiastes, 1989


1989, Original Painting


1989, Limitied Edition Serigraph




Ecclesiastes, 2022


2019, Pen Drawing on Mylar by John August Swanson
indicating changes to be made
for a new giclee edition of the artwork



2022, Limitied Edition Giclee

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